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Project Overview

Apr 20, 2008 at 11:17 PM
Edited May 4, 2008 at 10:16 PM
There are two sprites which appear on a map and you can move them around by dragging them with the mouse, the mouse cursor changes to a hand when you are over them and they are highlited in red instead of black. Or if you are over a "front corner" you get a different cursor for each front corner. When over a front corner instead of a normal drag to move you drag the sprite and it will wheel about the opposite front corner. When over the sprite but not at a front corner (so the hand cursor) you simply drag the sprite without changing its rotation.

You can scroll about the map using the inner pair of scroll bars. You can also use the outer vertical scroll bar, or the mouse wheel even during sprite drags, to zoom in and out. Zooms and scrolls handle each other and keep you within the map surface. When you drag to the camera edge the camera pans.

Collisions between sprites or between a sprite and the world map edge are detected and resolved.

There are tool tips with the names of each sprite. And each sprite has its own context menu (right now they are the same placeholder for both and the menu items do not actually do anything) you can get to by right-clicking on it.

The File menu is functional, New gives you the default start state, Exit exits, Save(As) uses a standard dialog to save the current state to an XML file anywhere you like, and Open uses a standard dialog to open a save file (or the default, if you can find where click-once sticks it). If you feel like editing XML and playing around with sprite/map artwork then you can do a little more with it.

The Help->About menu item provides a dialog with the running version and the location of the application root hidden system folder for modding.

See the XML discussion for modding.