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Project Description
GDIdotNETgames is a basis for "user-moddable" 2D strategy games using GDI+ graphics with .NET managed code written entirely in C#.

The Releases tab has (for each release) a zip file containing the project's click-once installer.
The Discussions tab has an overview of the project in its current state (and a note on modding by editing the XML save game files).
The Issue Tracker tab has a list of relatively near term, and some longer term, goals.
The Source Code tab has (within any one change set) all the files needed to build the project from source code using Visual Studio.

You may contact me, the GDIdotNETgames project coordinator, by clicking on my handle "IrishBouzouki" anywhere you see it (i.e. on the People tab).
Feel free to eamil me thru the above or to leave comments or posts anywhere on this site. I'd be happy to hear from you.

Thanks to Nick Gravelyn for his superb Tile Engine tutorial series (plus a plug for Ernest Pazera's old Iso book I also got the placeholder graphics, the "Last Guardian" sprites and the "Studio Evil" textures, through Nick's tutorial.
Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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